Progressive Sessions

Towards hopefulness – from dis-illusionment

Overview & Intention

Progressive Sessions are generative conversations with James from PASTORIA, especially made for those in the healing professions who feel the need to:

  • Address the vitality of one’s calling, given one’s career
  • Make progress in a specific aspect of one’s calling

This is not the practice of psychotherapy, life coaching, or mindfulness.

  • It is what James calls, “calling care” – a contemporary version of pastoral care.
Fall / Winter 2023

This season, the focus will be on engaging one’s dis-illusionment to get towards hopefulness.

  • Each session will keep to the goal of applying faith (in a future yet unrealized) to one’s wounded calling.
Get Started
  • One-to-one video call
  • $150 per session
  • 45 mins in duration