Our calling needs care and attention – because it wants to grow.

James from PASTORIA

James from PASTORIA – the Maker of SOULTEL – offers personalized listening services for the healers of our time.

The aim is to move onward towards personal fulfillment, by traveling inward into our sense of disillusionment.

Quite simply, James listens through the lens of being an entrepreneur, immigrant, spouse, parent, creative, and (formerly) a pastor.

Each session is about 100 minutes, at $100 – in the two particular areas of focus: 1) calling in work or 2) calling at home.


What you are called to do comes from a place where few have been before. To feel more seen and heard, be more comfortable with yourself.


Where you end up at the end of the day is in relation to all of the other places in your life. To feel more at home, take a good look at your whole life.