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Soultel’s Product Road Map

Product List

First, here is a a running list of products or areas that we want to address:

  1. Rebuilding meaning in your life bootcamp (from Dan Shipper)
  2. Detox/reflection/reset program for people coming out of intense startup jobs (from Ashley Mayer)


Next, here is a collection of thoughts and ideas that somewhat represent our product theses:

  1. Ultimately, neither the constructs of “mental health” nor “wellness” adequately capture the state of a person’s being.
  2. Companies / corporations are, in fact, religious in nature – startups even more so than the average.
  3. There will never be an ideal workplace culture that satisfies all parties involved.
  4. What makes today different than yesterday is that life is less compartmentalized (our adaptation of Rafat Ali’s “The Great Merging”)
  5. American society lacks a reliable and accurate interface that can activate or induce self-healing as needed.
  6. more to come

last updated 6.20.2022